Skin79 BB Cream!! It’s Finally Here!! :)

Posted on: April 23, 2010

Yes, everyone!! After such a long time, Skin79 is finally coming to Singapore!! No need to get them from sprees anymore!! Yeah Baby~!! 🙂

If you have been paying attn to the Korean BB Cream craze, I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand! Skin79 is the very FIRST skincare brand to give Koreans BB Creams in 2006, and has since invented a whole new skincare category!

While some of you may still ponder over BB Cream, wondering what it is and what wonders it does…here’s a little history for you…heh…

BB Creams started out at therapeutic moisturisers in Germany many yrs ago. Patients who have undergone chemical peels and laser have ultra sensitive skin (yes…*sobz* i noe…cos i’ve tried chemical peels b4…pros and cons lah…), hence it’s impt for them to find creams that had both healing and flaw-concealing properties. BB Creams are super popular among Korean celebrities and actresses lor…even Jolin Tsai 蔡依林 is now the endorser for  Taiwan (check out the blog entry below)! BB Creams even out the skintone and provide coverage for spots and blemishes leh!

BB Creams typically stand for Blemish Balm cos of their healing properties. Skin79, being e pioneer of all Korean BB Creams, is of cos very S-P-E-C-I-A-L~~!!!!

Hence, Skin79’s BB Cream are also known as Beblesh Balm (pronounced as B-Blesh)!! 特别吧??Hehe..

And why is Skin79 the QUEEN OF BB CREAMS?? Check out the 5 Crowning Factors!

  • Top-seller in Korea, Japan and Taiwan – Ten million BB Creams have flown off the shelves worldwide since its launch! Which is equivalent to 5556 bottles per day! (wah, dun play play ah…)
  • Widest Range of BB Creams – Regardless of your age, skin type or make-up preference, there’s bound to be one suited for you! (Read on to find out more leh… :))
  • Luxurious Oriental Ingredients – Gold, Pearls, Diamonds, Caviar, etc… (i feel like a QUEEN already!!)
  • Super Skin-Savers – These BB Creams pack as many as 10 skincare benefits in a single product…
  1. Whiten
  2. Improve Wrinkles
  3. Fend off UV Damage
  4. Nourish
  5. Hydrate
  6. Build Up Resilience
  7. Protect Skin Against Pollution
  8. Control Sebum
  9. Provide Coverage
  10. Acts as a Make-up base/Foundation
  • Up The Glam-O-Metre – With its nice packaging, need we say more?? Hehe…

Check out Skin79’s bestsellers! 🙂

HOT PINK Super Beblesh Balm: If you love pink and cute, this is perfect for you! Other than the 10 beauty functions as mentioned earlier, it provides excellent oil control and protection against external aggressions.. Suitable for Oily/Combination Skin, or those prone to clogged pores…

Ingredients: Adenosine & Arbutin (penetrate deeply to whiten, brighten, iron out wrinkles and give skin elasticity); Osmopur (a patented compound of sunflower, rice bran and ivy extracts shields the skin against environmental stressors); Phyto Complex (a potent blend of plant extracts, deeply hydrates and nourishes e skin); SPF25 PA++ (protects e skin against UVA & UVB rays, which burn e skin, cause premature aging & contribute to cancer *gasp*); Ultrafine make-up pigments (with light reflecting properties work as a base to correct skin irregularities and uneven skin tone, while giving skin a natural/no make-up look) 🙂

VIP GOLD Super Beblesh Balm: Other than e 10 beauty benefits as mentioned above, its gold and caviar ingredients pump skin with proteins, minerals, vitamins and energy to recharge tired skin and give it a million-dollar glow. Suitable for Dry/Combination skin, or those damaged by external aggressions.

Ingredients: Other than e ingredients present in HOT PINK Super Beblesh Cream, it also has Caviar (contains proteins, minerals and key vitamins to intensely nourish, hydrate and prompt cellular regeneration); Gold (has inherent illuminating properties. It’s also believed to contain energy to regenerate e skin, stimulate blood circulation and prompt lymphatic drainage)

Both retailing at S$36.90, they are available exclusively at Watson’s from 26 April onwards!!


How To Use??

So how do u use this Beblesh Cream that doubles up as skincare and make-up? Very simple! After using ur cleanser, toner and moisturizer, pump and apply a small amt of BB Cream over the entire face as a foundation/make-up base. Spread generously for natural coverage and glow! U can opt to add on the luxurious BB pact to work in synergy with ur BB Cream!

What’s so special abt Skin79 is that they even have BB Cream for Adolescents – Dream Girls Beblesh Cream! Interesting!

Check out their range and find out which suits you best!

Yeah, here’s e moment that you’ve been waiting for!! 🙂

If you would like to have e VIP GOLD Super Beblesh Balm to add on to ur skincare/make-up routine, leave a comment under this blog entry or email to sweetbeautydelights@gmail.com to tell me why you would love to own it and leave ur email add as well! Giveaway ends on 5 May 2010! I’ll be waiting for ur descriptive entries! 🙂


19 Responses to "Skin79 BB Cream!! It’s Finally Here!! :)"


I would like to own this VIP GOLD Super Beblesh Balm as I am using Hanskin Gold BB Cream. Would love to make a comparsion and see if Skin79 is indeed good as claimed. 😉



I always wanted to try bb cream for better complexion but dare not try and don’t know which brand is better. Would like to give this a try since this is the first bb cream and consists of so many benefits!!!

Hi all,

pls rem to leave ur email add too! 😉

Hi ai mei li,

I would love to try this VIP Gold Super Beblesh Balm as i stay in an aircon room for hours which make my skin dry and dull. With this Beblesh Balm, it will give me energy to recharge my tired skin and give it a million-dollar glow.

In addition, I believe the crowning factors mentioned above will definitely benefit every single lady who uses this wonderful product and it will shine out the beauty of all ladies. 🙂


I will like to try this product as my skins are quite terrible nowdays. With the help of it, hoping this product can solve my problems and improve my skin complexion.


I will like to out this BB cream as my skins are quite terrible nowadays. With the help of it, i hope it can solve my problem and improve my skin complexion.

Had always heard of BB cream since it came out to the market. Always wanted to get one for myself but I never know where to get and which one I should get. Heard of the many wonders BB cream does, for instance it does whitening, moisturing etc. Really wanna try out this Skin 79 BB cream. Always had oily face. Hope that with the use of this cream, I would be able to look better and not get complained by friends or boyfriend, saying that my face is too oily. Really feel that BB cream is for me. Hence hope to get this giveaway! Anticipating the release of this product. Definitely gonna be a hit for us in SG! Thank you in advance! 🙂

I would love to own the VIP GOLD Super Beblesh Balm because my search for a good BB cream is like never ending. Tried 3 different brands already! It’s always bad coverage, oily etc.. GRRR!
Always wanted to try out Skin 79 series to see if it can really help me to better cover up my pimples scarred face, control sebum production, as well as hydrate my skin when i’m stuck in the cold cold office all day! Heard that BB cream also helps to lighten pimple scars in the long run which is what i wish for.
One of my friend actually got this online and raves about it. So tempted to get one and try it out myself!
Really really would love to have it! ❤

Hello Jia Hui!

I’ve been in love with BB creams since 3 years ago. I don’t like to apply many layers of stuffs on my face so I find BB cream very handy. Its everything in 1 so it saves time and trouble too. So far, I’ve tried Hanskin Super Magic B.B, Etude House Magic B.B cream and SkinFood Aloe Vera B.B cream. I love the wonders that BB cream gives. Able to conceal nicely, acting as protection to our skin and nourishing the skin in some sense. However, some of the creams will tend to make my nose oily as it gets oxidized. I’ve heard about Skin79 for very long but have not had the opportunity to try it out yet. It is quite a hito brand in Korea too so it will be very cool if i’m able to land my hands on it. I would like to try out to see if the oil control is better too. With Jolin as the endorser, I’m pretty much confident about the product!

Thank you for featuring the product! 🙂

i want to try the BB cream because i have not tried using any of them before! heard loads of raving about this product but yet to try it as i still have my moisturisers and makeup base with me. now that they’re finishing, it’s time to replace them with one single bottle which beats them hands down!!!!!

I had always heard ravings about BB cream and how easy it was to use from everywhere! But I tried a couple of BB cream and found that it’s super oily and had lost hope in it. I would like to try this BB cream and give this BB cream a rating and review to see if it’s really so good that everyone is trying; even Jolin Tsai! 😀

Hello Jiahui!

I just got to know from your beauty blog that Watsons is selling Skin79 BB Creams now which is AWESOME! Hees. I’m currently using the Pink bottle and its my 2nd bb cream bottle from Skin79. I have not tried the Gold bottle yet.

I would like to try it because my skin is actually quite dry as i tend to sleep late & the gold bottle bb cream can recharge my tired skin to give my face more vitamins & minerals! 😀 Moreover, Jolin is the endorser of this product it should be really good!

Thank you for the information! 🙂

Hi Jia Hui!!
Pls let me have the VIP Gold Super Beblesh Balm!! Because I have always wanted to have as good a skin as the korean stars but I have not found any products that can do it yet! If it is as good as you have described, plssss let me try!! I will definitely continue to buy the whole series if it works for me! hee..

one thing that Im afraid of using BB cream now is that my make up artist mentioned that BB cream contain silicones that is tough to remove from skin even with make up remover thus blk pores. I’m now wondering.. can anyone please enlighten me?!

I hope that this is false cus Im tempted to buy this SKIN 79

Hi Jas,

supposedly BB Cream is good enuff for healing/sensitive skin, so i guess it’s quite ok? =P

or maybe it’s good for u to alternate btw diff types of products tt give u coverage too. =) at least u’ll feel more at ease when using?

can i noe whr can get tis bb cream..urgent..thanks

Hi Queenie,

as mentioned in the blog entry, u can get Skin79 from Watson’s. =)

Skin79 BB Cream is awesome. Thanks for sharing the Skin79 BB Cream review with us.

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