Sun Upgrade! Skin79 Vital Beblesh Balm SPF 50+ PA+++

This BB Cream is climbing up fast on the charts of Skin79’s best sellers. Armed with SPF50+ PA+++ and fortified with 5 skin-enriching vitamins, it offers a one-step quick-fix for a total of ten beauty grouses. It superbly fends off UV damage, improves wrinkles, whitens, nourishes skin, hydrates, builds resilience, protects skin against pollution, controls sebum, and acts as a makeup base and foundation.

Its vibrant orange packaging suggests cheerfulness and vitality, and is a fine acquisition for outgoing ladies looking for vital skin improvement.

Just like Skin 79’s #1 best seller Hot Pink BB Cream, it is suitable for oily/ combination skin types. Exclusively at Watsons, $49.90.


Real Dark Black. Tattoo! Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner

It’s not just black. It’s tattoo black. Delivering darker definition, Skin79 Simple Touch Eyeliner creates more intense eye lines compared to its competitors. Gentle to apply, glides easily over eyelids, and 24-hour smudge-proof, Skin79 eyeliners won’t pull a vanishing act after lunch! It’s also super-easy to remove. Just swipe off using lip or eye makeup removers.

This eyeliner is no exception to Skin79’s commitment to using natural ingredients and skin technology to enhance its cosmetic products. It is packed with nourishing Jojoba Oil for enhanced smoothness, Cacao seed extracts and Panthenol for intense moisturisation.

Your eyes are often the most highly made-up part of your face, but it’s also the most sensitive. Make a 2012 resolution to care for it today!

Exclusively at Watsons, $24.90.

If you would like to have one of the items, email me at sweetbeautydelights@gmail.com and remember to tell me which item you prefer and include your name and address. Two winners will be announced here on 19 February! 🙂


How many of these traditional games do you recognise?? 🙂

There’s the “kuti” that is played by flicking the colourful little animal-shaped tokens! And there are the marbles! The inflatable colourful ball! Etc Etc!

Do you also recognise the bottle caps of soda bottles that are so retro? 🙂

This time round, Lip Smackers and Coca Cola can’t wait to reminisce the good old days with you with its Soda-pop Caps!

Sweetbeautydelights has a set of 3 to give away! Flavours in Sprite, Fanta and Coca-Cola! The retro traditional game sets will be included in the gift pack as well!

The first to email to sweetbeautydelights@gmail.com with your name and address attached will get the gift! Hurry! 😛

Do you still remember how silky smooth~~ your complexion was when you were a baby??

Hehehe…how could we “remember” what it was like when we were so young?! Not even when we have terrific memories lor!! 😛 Hahahahaha!! Nevertheless, I sure know that I am J-E-A-L-O-U-S when I get to see or touch a baby’s skin!! Why so nice?!?!?!?!?!

And these are the times when we wish that we were still infants, with no worry of stress, work, relationships, money, etc…I wanna be a kid!! Everytime I see my 3 yr-old nephew, I wish that I can go back to my childhood days…So carefree!! ;P 我不想~我不想~不想长大~~

Luckily, we can still have baby skin even though we have grown up into adults!! At least some traces of our carefree childhood days…muahahahahahaha…Actually, I can’t say enough of how impt skincare is! And that was one of the reasons why I set up this beauty blog… 🙂 And so, if you want to achieve baby skin, you have to pick the right items that are suitable for your skin and use them consistently! That’s a reminder for myself too, cos sometimes when I get bz and tired, I tend to skip several steps in my skincare regimen… 😛

Nevertheless, if you wanna achieve flawless baby soft skin, you might wanna try the brand-new Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream! 🙂

Skin 79, known as the Queen of BB Creams, understands the importance of protection, proper nourishment and intense hydration – the secret to baby soft skin.

To restore skin to its natural youthfulness, Lovely Girl BB Cream is pure, mild and gentle to the skin, providing adequate nourishment, 24 hr moisture, and protection that our skin needs. At the same time, it provides natural blemish coverage, leaving skin silky smooth and soft, with a velvety yet light texture…

Made of natural ingredients, Lovely Girl BB Cream is recommended for oily/combination skin types, and is especially suitable for sensitive problem skin!

Baby Soft. Light texture BB cream that leaves skin silky smooth, velvety and soft.

Skin Nourishing. Packed with vitamins and minerals such as proteins, carbohydrates and chlorophyll that need nutrients to restore health and youth to the skin.

Moisturizing & Soothing. Mulberry, Marigold & Portulaca Oleracea (Purslane) extracts will rejuvenate exhausted and rough skin, locking in moisture all day long.

Evens skin tone, clear & shine-free. Made of excellent porosity powder that prevents oil-shine, it balances the skin tone and leaves you with a fresh, matte complexion throughout the day.

Natural blemish coverage.  Herb complex & chlorella extracts brighten dull complexions, while providing natural blemish coverage with protective, revitalizing and healing powers.

Exclusively available at selected Watsons stores, it’s retailing at $21.90! Now it can be yours for free! 🙂

Leave a comment under this blog entry and share with us your most memorable childhood anecdote (can be something that your parents told you when you were older)…it can be any childhood story tt u would care to share! Send in your entries by 20 November! (20/11/2011 11.59pm) And pls rem to include your email add as well so that it’s easier to contact you! 🙂 Winner gets an exclusive lovely Skin79 pink powder puff as well!

What’s more, I’ll be picking out another 3 winners who will each receive a bottle of Skin79 Petite BB Cream worth $19.90 (Travel Size 15g- Diameter: 2.5cm; Height: 11cm)…which is either:

– Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions (suitable for oily/combination skin)

– VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm (suitable for dry/combination skin)

Check here for the product info!

Thus, your comment shd include:

1) your most memorable childhood anecdote

2) name

3) email add

4) your choice of

– Skin79 Lovely Girl BB Cream 50g worth $21.90 + free exclusive powder puff

– Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Functions (suitable for oily/combination skin) 15g worth $19.90

– VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm (suitable for dry/combination skin) 15g worth $19.90


So in all, there will be 1 grand prize winner and 3 consolation prize winners! Act fast! 🙂

I’m sure you aspire to have fair skin just like the Korean celebrities who never fail to glow in their perfect complexion all the time!  When it comes to whitening, it entails every little part of your beautiful body and guess what?? You can now even whiten the delicate eye area! 😉

If you have been following my beauty blog (真不好意思。。。thank you thank you thank you~~~~~~~~!!!! muacks!!!!!!!!!), you will know that Skin79 is a renowned brand for its BB Cream and now it has its new whitening series too!

Introducing Skin79 WHÍTE REVIVING Skin Radiance Eye Serum!!

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and therefore it is crucial that we include applying eye serums in our skin care regimen!! *MUST MUST*

This serum functions to mitigate (reduce the appearance of) dark under-eye circles and brightens dull, tired looking skin around the eyes!

And what are the effective ingredients that help you do so?? 🙂

·         Alpha-Bisabolol promotes cell turnover.
·         Evening Primrose, rich in Omega 3 & 6, provides nutrition and builds up the natural protection layer.
·         Antarcticine fights aging, improves skin elasticity and hydration.
·         Fucogel-1000 builds up the skin’s hydration layer and maintains hydration levels.

Packed with the suchactive ingredients and nutrients, this serum generates a moisture barrier to brighten and restore health around the eye rims. Free of paraben (chemicals/preservatives found in most cosmetics and pharmaceutical products), and mineral oil (which is difficult to absorb and clogs the pores), this is a gentle formula that quickly penetrates in the skin and definitely suited for the sensitive and delicate eye area!

And while it’s good that we use a good product, it’s extremely important that the product is applied correctly and effectively too! ;P

Gentle~ gentle~ gentle~~~~~~~~~ After washing your face, squeeze a bit of serum onto your finger and pat it gently round your eye, starting from the inner corner to the outer. Don’t forget the area above your eye too! From the inner corner of your eye, pat your finger upwards to your brow bone. Repeat this step until the serum is fully absorbed (which should be very fast since the ingredients are really gentle)!

Products of Skin79 are available exclusively at all major Watson’s stores! And here’s a chance to win the Skin79 WHÍTE REVIVING Skin Radiance Eye Serum!! 😉

Just share with us your current skincare problem around the eye area and include your name and email address…I promise I promise I promise that the winner will be announced in early November! ;P So leave your entries in the comments section by 31 October 11.59pm! 🙂

Yes, this is back!! Back and B-I-G-G-E-R!!

On the computer screen, you might not be able to know how much BIGGER Paul Frank Lip Smackers have G-R-O-W-N~!!!!

All right, gimme 5 secs…and I’ll measure it for you…

















It’s 9.5cm in length, and 2cm in diameter!

To put it simply, this lip gloss is like the size of a bottle of glue!!




BIG on flavour.

BIG on moisture.

BIG on great taste.

Enjoy BIGGY in two flavours!

Julius’ Strawberry Banana or Julius’ Red Raspberry!

Retailing at $8.90 at Guardian, Watsons & Sasa.

If you haven’t grabbed yourself a BIGGY yet, here’s a chance to own one!

Tell me other than a LIP GLOSS, what is the next other thing in the world that you would like to have it in a BIG size??

Let your imagination run and I’ll be waiting for your creative entries before 11 Jun 2011, 11.59pm! 🙂

P.S. Pls state which flavour you prefer. And pls do leave your email add too so that I can contact you! 🙂

Have you heard?? I thk some makeup gurus are saying that lipsticks are back! Well, the colour stays better and the formulas seem to be constantly improving!

Clarins Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick

New luminous shades and intense shine with a subtle colour for fuller-looking, luscious lips! Check out Shade 12 Litchi and Shade 13 Cherry!

Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude Smoothing Cream Lipstick SPF6 (Limited Edition)

Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Lipsticks with SPF! It’s high time that we protect our delicate soft lips from the sun lor… This lipstick glides on perfectly for easy application! Most importantly, it moisturizes and nourishes lips, repairs and protects, while smoothing and enhancing its natural beauty! Cos the shades are so natural! 🙂

And this is a product for all 轻熟女and熟女!Eeerrmmm, I’m reluctant to say this…grrr…but it’s the sad truth…

Fine lines mysteriously find their way to our faces as we age…gggrrrr….while we can slow down the aging process by using the right anti-aging/firming skincare products….ggrrr….there are still other traces that seem to be flourishing on our faces….gggrrrrrrr…

Hence, we need to conceal them!! HEHE~~~~!!!!!!!

Clarins Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate

If you have heard of the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (in a lil red jar) some years back, you must have also heard how well it works and how well it has been selling since 2006! The same concept has been applied to create this lil pen to smooth away lines and enlarged pores to deliver flawlessly beautiful skin!

The secret formula (ok…now it’s not a secret anymore…*rolls eyes*) is its line-repairing peptide called Dermaxyl! Use it as a makeup base before applying your foundation and skin instantly appears to be smoother and more even! I wanna look flawless! *applies this lavishly to my 法令纹!*

Spring has already arrived…but have you gotten the right look yet??!! Hee…

Clarins celebrates spring with subtle pastels, worked in half-tones, for a poetic, romantic make-up look…soft, light pastels that glow with a halo of light which rekindles love and emotion… aaaawwwwww……………. 😉

Totally love the Blush Prodige! So pretty and sweet! 🙂

Nice right??!! 🙂 There’s a matte shade to sculpt the face and an iridescent one to highlight facial contours as it catches the light! Also, there’s a new generation texture that includes mineral pigments and plant extracts – bamboo powder and tomato extract – to guarantee a radiant, healthy glow.

Six sumptuous colour harmonies to choose from!

And I love the beautiful, elegant square cases in light gold! Looks very classy! 🙂

Other than blusher, let’s not forget the mesmerizing eye colours!

Neo Pastels Eye Colour & Liner Palette (Limited Edition)

Totally lovely~!! It’s like a watercolour palette…6 eyeshadows in 3 monochrome harmonies: browns, pinks and violets! What’s most special abt this is that it can be applied dry for a more subtle make-up look, or with a damp applicator for a more intense effect!! And feel free to play with the endless possible colour combinations!

For example, put on beige over the top eyelid, brown at the outer corner and golden pink above the eyelid crease. Or light pink over the eyelid, violet and the outer corner and lilac above the eyelid crease…

Wwwooooo…it’s so fun!! Like painting on canvas lor!! Hehe… ;P